Energy fields, such as sound and light, are all around us. Everything is made up of tiny particles and waveforms (energy patterns).

Electrical devices emit electrical fields and magnetic fields

Devices powered by mains electricity operate at low frequencies and give off electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s). Appliances like washing machines and TVs draw voltage from the wires behind your plug sockets, the more power is needed – the more electrical and magnetic fields are produced.
Higher frequencies are used for wireless communications (mobile phones, wifi etc). These frequencies radiate out as waves of energy so they are known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR’s). Mobile phone or TETRA masts, microwave ovens, wifi routers, mobile phones, cordless phones (DECT), smart meters, burglar alarms and digital baby monitors all give off EMR’s.

For most people, exposure to EMF’s and EMR’s is on the increase

Whether at home or in the workplace, we are often surrounded by electrical equipment that emit EMF’s or EMR’s, otherwise known as “electrosmog”.
With our increasing use of electrical appliances and especially mobile phone, wifi and smart meter technology in our homes, it’s important to understand what effect this electrical pollution can have on our health and to know how it can be measured and be reduced if necessary.

If you have any of the following symptoms you may be experiencing electrosensitivity and you will need to reduce your exposure to EMFs & EMR’s:

Lack of motivation / lethargy
Immunity problems
Tiredness but unable to sleep
Heart palpitations
Weak, aching muscles and joints
Concentration problems.

NB. If you are effected by any heavy metal toxicity (mercury, aluminium, lead etc), EMF’s make this problem much worse because exposure to EMFs affect our internal enzymes in a way that makes detoxification of toxins more difficult. This means it is crucial to limit your electrosmog exposure if you are dealing with heavy metal toxicity issues.

Initially, it is a good idea to measure your home and work environment to check for EMF’s. You can hire devices from: www.healthy-house.co.uk but technology is advancing so quickly that the measuring devices do not detect all the frequencies that you may be exposed to. For example many of the measuring devices were created when we were only exposed to 2G mobile phone frequencies but we not use 4G and soon 5G – we have to assume that we are all exposed to high levels of EMF and up to half of us will be negatively affected by this.

Evidence is growing about the severe health effects of Electrosmog – a 25 million dollar research study by the US National Toxicology programme is expected to announce in early 2018 that cell phone radiation can trigger brain cancer. The World Health Organisation confirmed in 2011 that radiofrequency electromagnetic fields can be carcinogenic to humans and in 2015 the French Government passed a law to reduce the exposure of children under 11 and banned wifi in nursery schools.

We are not suggesting that most people need to stop using these technologies completely but we all need to be aware of the risks.

Here are some easy ways of helping to reduce the effect and exposure to electrosmog:

Don’t use mobiles in a car or train – the metal box you are travelling in amplifies the radiation
Turn mobile phones off at night and don’t carry mobiles in your pocket – invest in a cover like a Safesleeve
Use mobile phones with headphones or speaker rather than hold it to your head – make sure the phone is nearer to a window than your head is
Try not to use it when you have a poor signal – the radiation output is higher when its struggling
Turn your wifi router off at night – use wired internet with an ethernet cable and turn off the wifi connections on computers and devices
Use laptops in battery mode, put laptops on a desk, not your lap
Unplug devices when not in use
Use a corded landline phone when you can
Avoid microwave cooking
Turn electric blankets off when you get in bed
Refuse a smart meter – they are being offered to homes around the UK but give off high EMR’s.

There are protection devices and shielding equipment that you can buy to reduce you exposure:
www.healthy-house.co.uk – house plants are also very efficient at absorbing electrosmog.

Protective clothing is also available. It is most important to cover your abdomen to protect your bowel flora and enzymes.

As part of our naturopathic treatment programmes at NTA we help you to identify if electrosmog may be affecting you and have treatments which help to reduce their impact. Ki Science sell a product called RayWave that we recommend – it may reduce the effects of electrosmog for sensitive people www.kiscience.com