Wellbeing Starter Pack

NTA Life Wellbeing Starter Pack

A really good start towards improving your health is our 12-week basic pack.

The pack includes:

Nature’s Wisdom Herring Oil Capsules – take one a day

Nature’s Wisdom CoQ10 supplement – take one a day

Homeopathic 12 Tissue salts – take one, 2 times a day

NW Nutrient powders – take 1 tsp, once a day

RRP is £77 – new member special offer is £45

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It takes 12 weeks to make physical changes in the body so try to take the supports above and follow the plan below for the whole 12 weeks.

These are our top 10 suggestions for better health:

1. Drink 4 pints of filtered or bottled water a day

2. Set yourself a challenge to work towards – to give you a purpose to work for

3. Try 10 minutes of breathing exercises or meditation every day

4. Turn off your mobile phone and wifi router every night

5. Do some gentle exercise 3 times a week

6. Go outside and get some sunlight on your face for 10 minutes every day

7. Watch a funny movie or TV programme you love at least twice a week

8. Eat more vegetables – aim for 5-8 portions a day

9. Eat less sugar – try to eat less than 2 things with sugar in a day

10. Take an Epsom salts bath or have a sauna at least twice a month

If you feel better at the end then join NTA Life to get more ideas about improving your health and please post a review on our Facebook page!