Benefits to eating Organic food

There are benefits to eating organic food

suggests research* recently published by the European parliament, after they commissioned a review of existing scientific evidence about the impact of organic food on human health.
The benefits mainly arise because the pesticides in conventionally grown food are more dangerous than was previously thought, causing damage to the human brain. “At least 100 different pesticides are known to cause adverse neurological effects in adults, and all of these substances must therefore be suspected of being capable of damaging developing brains as well” the report states. These adverse effects are likely to be lasting and in the developing brains of children could mean a loss of IQ. There are also concerns that exposure to some pesticides may increase cancer risk and impact the body’s hormones and nervous system.

If you need further convincing that organic is best

in Feb 2016 The British Journal of Nutrition published the results of a new meta analysis that added to the evidence that organic production can boost key nutrients in food. The study found that organic dairy and meat contains about 50% more omega 3 fatty acids than conventionally raised animals. Whilst another report in the same journal in 2014 found that organic crops have higher concentrates of a range of anti-oxidents and other potentially beneficial compounds than conventionally grown crops.


supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl are introducing more affordable organic foods and local farmers markets are on the increase – where you can buy produce usually produced with less chemicals. It’s most important to choose dairy, eggs and root vegetables that are organic – then add as many organic fruit and vegetables as you can to really book your nutrient intake without adding to your bodies toxic load with chemical pesticides. But if you are reading this and worrying that you can’t afford organic or don’t have access to it, don’t panic. It is better that you eat your 5 – 9 portions of fruit and veg a day from conventionally grown or raised produce than none at all. NTA have also developed products that help your body to successfully detox pesticide chemicals and boost your nutrient levels in a natural / chemical free way.

Consider trying

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*The study was carried out by the parliaments scientific foresight unit, led by the Swedish university of agricultural scientists.