How We Work

The NTA Naturopaths offer appointments from clinics in the South of England as well as through our online service – NTA Life.

Initial contact

We often have high demand for appointments, so as a first step, we ask you to complete the short contact form on the contact page.

One of our practitioners will assess how we can help you and then email you with our suggestions.

They can answer your questions and arrange appointments.

Naturopaths look at health and disease in a completely different way to most conventional doctors.

This article explains our approach and how naturopathic treatment could help you: here

Carry on reading this page to learn more about our appointments and fees as well as what we do during the appointments and afterwards.

Our Clinic Appointments – Naturopathic health assessment

This consultation includes use of our SCIO bio-feedback system. During a consultation, you will be asked detailed questions about yourself so that we can get a complete picture of your condition and past medical history. After your consultation your practitioner will send you a report summarising her recommendations. This will include advice about diet and lifestyle, suggested herbal or nutritional supports and your Homeopathic remedy prescription.

First consultations take up to 90 minutes and reviews take 60 minutes.

Fee’s for health assessments vary depending on your health condition. For more info click here Practitioner-fees-April-2018

If you have a chronic health condition the your first appointment will cost £250, if your health condition is less serious then it will cost £140 – the Homeopathic medicines and a report are included in the fee.

If you have chronic illness then we also have a treatment programme designed to support you at every stage of recovery. The programme costs £150 a month and this includes Homeopathic and Herbal medicines plus the Nature’s Wisdom nutrient formulas that we recommend. We will offer you a place on the programme after your first appointment, if we think it would be better for you.

We will let you know what type of appointment you need after you have completed the contact form on the contact page.

Information we use in our health assessments

Your symptoms

We learn a lot about the ways that your body is out of balance by asking you in detail about your symptoms. Every symptom is information if you have the knowledge to interpret them and all of our practitioners are highly trained in this, plus they have access to additional information through the tests that we use. Our methods are based on years of experience and assessing you in this individualised way is completely different from looking purely at any disease or condition that you may have been diagnosed with.

Naturopathic tests

Depending on what your symptoms are indicating, we sometimes use additional non-invasive tests like the iodine challenge for the thyroid, a raglan test for the adrenal glands and liquid mineral testing. These can all give valuable additional information in some cases.

Elements of the recovery programme

Homeopathy – Healthy Medicine

Homeopathic medicines are a natural, gentle and extremely effective way of helping the body to heal itself. Homeopathy targets the underlying cause of the symptoms rather than the symptoms themselves.
As the most used system of alternative medicine in the world, Homeopathic medicines are part of the mainstream health system in many European Countries. Homeopathy brings about spectacular results for people with many different conditions. The medicines are also completely safe and they can also be taken alongside conventional medicines where necessary.

Read more here: What is Homeopathy and does it really work?

We also use the SCIO bio-resonance system to give bio-feedback treatment when it is appropriate.

Lifestyle advice-

We live in a toxic world and are all being affected to some degree by radiation and chemicals in many different forms. Our bodies are well equipped to deal with these challenges when we are in health, but when you are weakened by stress or illness, they can have more of an effect. Sometimes it is these toxins that weaken us in the first place, leaving us unable to recover from infections.

Your health assessment will highlight if any of these factors are effecting you and your recovery programme will include information about how to reduce your exposure to these toxins and what can be done to clear them from your system. Common toxins that we can test for include heavy metal toxins (including aluminium, lead and mercury), radiation in different forms (including mobile phone and computer radiation) and chemicals like chlorine and insecticides.

Dietary advice

Our practitioners have all learned about nutrition in addition to their Homeopathy training. We come from a “food is your best medicine” perspective and we will be able to tell you about foods that are having a negative effect on you (things you are intolerant to and things that your digestive system is finding hard to break down and use), as well as foods that you need to eat more of to provide what your body needs.

Herbal and nutritional supports

We have our own range of natural therapeutic products, formulated and made for us by Traditional Herbalists. We use Homeopathic and Herbal medicines to stimulate the bodies healing mechanisms and our “Nature’s Wisdom” herb and nutrient formulas to provide food state nutrition for the raw materials needed at a cellular level.

Our range of products use 100% natural ingredients grown and harvested by naturopathic methods. Everything is made from fresh herbs and foods using different recipes depending on the seasons, so our formulas do vary from batch to batch.

Read more here: Natures Wisdom nutrients and herbal formulas

Support during your recovery programme

You will be guided and supported through the whole process by your own practitioner, backed up by the rest of the NTA team. Before you start any treatments you will be given a personal email address for your practitioner, so that you can ask any questions after your consultation.

If you have an urgent problem please email your practitioner in the first instance but call Dave in the office if you don’t get a reply, so that he can arrange for another practitioner to help.

Your recovery programme will outline how often we would recommend you see your practitioner for review appointments, this depends on your health condition and will change as you move through different stages of support. Our practitioners often have fully booked clinics for weeks in advance, so please plan ahead and book your reviews in good time.

Integrated health

As natural health practitioners we are also committed to integrated healthcare and feel that it is the most effective way to restore health and wellbeing. We work closely with many other health professionals and we will often suggest that you seek the advice of one of our colleagues if we feel it would be a helpful to your recovery. Depending on where you live, we have amazing Chiropractors that we can recommend, plus holistic and specialist dentists as well as Hypnotherapy and NLP practitioners if support through mental or emotional issues is needed.