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NTA Life is the only online natural health recovery programme.

Wherever you are in the world, NTA Life provides knowledge that is normally only available through our clinics. Our clear step by step modules include guidance on natural medicines, diet, supplements and more. Our online programme is fully supported by our experienced team of practitioners, who can offer extra advice and assessments when you need them. We also have an online shop for our recommended products. NTA are unique and you are unique! We are the only team of Naturopaths in the UK to provide individualised health programmes in our clinics and now online through NTA Life.

Ready to change your life? Our easy to follow modules backed with our support, are designed to put you back in charge of your health. All from just £1 a month.

NTA Life Recovery Programme

NTA life’s recovery programme was created by Naturopath Sonia O’Donnell. With over 15 years of experience in supporting people with chronic illness and with the backing of the NTA Team, Sonia  has created this online natural health resource, for those who want the information and support to take control of their own health issues.

The in depth modules of the recovery programme will allow you to identify your own weaknesses and understand your health issues. You will learn what your symptoms mean and what steps you need to follow to bring your body back to healthy function. The modules include information on diet, supplements, Herbal formulas, Homeopathic medicines and other tools to help you complete each module and move on to the next. There are links so that you can purchase the recommended products via PayPal if you wish.

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NTA Blog

Our NTA Blog also contains lots of general information and podcasts about nutrition, cookery, exercise, alternative medicine, meditation and relaxation, so that you can make the changes you need to get well and stay well.

Extra Support

If you would like extra help to plan your recovery programme there are online and Skype / Phone consultations available.

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Disclaimer: the information supplied on and via the NTA Life website is not intended to replace standard medical advice. If you have chronic symptoms of any kind you should consult your GP and follow NHS diagnostic procedures so that you have the option to take conventional medical treatment for any chronic illness that can be identified.